Parenting Now​​​​​​​
is a spacious, year-long, deep dive that gives you the tools and the support you need to integrate my unique process of  getting clear and tending your fears as you raise your children.

Let me guide you,
so you can guide them, 
so they can grow to know and trust themselves.
While together you create healthy relationships that endure.



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Beyond just keeping your children fed, clothed, housed and educated there are so many decisions that have to be made:

> How do I to help my children manage their stress when I'm so easily triggered and freaking out on them more than I care to admit?

> How do I set boundaries around screens when I can't even put my own phone down?

> How do I open and maintain conversations about sex, bodies and consent when these topics were so taboo in my home growing up?

> How do I prepare my children for the world they are living in when things feels so unsteady right now?

> How do I make parenting choices that are right for my family when I feel unsure about doing it differently than it was done for me?

​​​​​​​Through the Parenting Now process you'll learn how to answer these questions, and every other question that comes up in daily life, in a way that's right for you and your family.​​​

Hi, I'm Dr. Carrie Contey.

I bring a life-long passion for human development, a masters degree in health promotion, a second masters degree in pre- and perinatal psychology, a PhD in clinical psychology and twenty years of professional work with over 3800+ parents from over 50 countries to Parenting Now.

​​​​​​​And I’m honored to share it all with you.

Who is this for?

​​​​​​​Whether you are brand new to these concepts or a seasoned pro who has read all the books and learned from the best...

Whether you are parenting through toddlerhood, childhood, tweenhood or even teenhood…

Parenting Now will help you:

​​​​​​​> Clarify your family's values, vision and goals so you know what’s right for you and yours

> Know yourself so you can parent from a place of clarity and confidence
> Learn how to de-escalate stressful moments
> Become a masterful boundary-setter for both you and your children
> Be open to and ready for the hard but necessary conversations
> Navigate your family's fast-changing, ever-evolving life
> Create family relationships that are  joyful, loving and enduring

​​​​​​​Reflecting on how far I’ve come since 2016 in parenting and in partnership and within. You’ve given me a language that I use daily, a way of living that has slowly evolved to where I am today and that I’ll use throughout my life to keep on growing.

I’m debt free with a husband that quit his job to do what he loves, with kids that are most definitely in a relationship with us and not under us. And I’m happy and so grateful. No big seismic thing or shift has occurred but rather tiny shifts and now three years later I look back and see how far we’ve come!

Thank you for helping us parents. You are becoming my inner voice and it’s lovely. Lovely for me, my kids, my partner, my work colleagues, my community, my world. You are compassion dynamite Carrie Contey!  

- Julie (parent of three) 

​​​​​​​I was feeling very stuck in general. I felt confused about a lot of big things. What should my role as a parent look like? How could I do parenting in a way that was different from the way I was raised, but also felt responsible and authentic to me?

Through my work with you, I’ve gained more confidence (growing stronger every day) and trust in myself. I have a different perspective and a  hopefulness about being able to do right by my kids while also parenting in a way that feels responsible and authentic to myself.

- Kathleen (parent of two)

I  want to truly thank you for what you send out into the world and our world in particular. 

To be honest I’m extremely regimented when it comes to the input of outsiders in my life and your  emails are something I try to allow in fully as they help guide my/our days as busy as they are at times.

​​​​​​​So my last few months have been enriched by your words and guiding questions and I so appreciate them amidst the joyful yet tumultuous times in which we live. I’m a firm believer that we create and can master the outcomes of our daily reality so thank you for helping my wife and I create more meaning in ours.

​​​​​​​- Tim (parent of two)

How does it work?

Parenting Now is...

FOUR MODULES spread out over 
FOUR MONTHS  March, May, September and November.
During which we meet  

ONCE A WEEK Tuesdays from 8-9:15p CT.
ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED so you can join me live or listen back at your leisure.

By spreading out the core modules you are able to focus on one topic at a time for a full month then go live your life -- integrating, experimenting and making the process all your own.

What will I learn?

​​​​​​​You will learn the Parenting Now process by applying it to the
Big Stuff of Family Life -- the topics that come up over and over again in my work with parents. 

​​​The Big Stuff of Family Life includes:

Learn to name, tame, tend
and transcend your stress reactions.

​​​​​​​learn more >>

Gain clarity around screens and devices for you and your family.

learn more >>

Create and teach deep, resilient, boundaried and enduring relationships. 

learn more >>

Explore passion, prosperity and living your YOU-est life.

learn more >>

What happens on the calls?

FIRST, I TEACH. The Parenting Now process is a collection of big ideas, new perspectives, practical tools and essential parenting/family life skills. Every week will be different as we build and deepen your skill set. What I share will expand your mind, calm your nerves and leave you feeling clear on your family's path forward.

NEXT, YOU WRITE.  Through the use of  simple writing prompts that we will do together on the call, you explore, discover and create what's right for you and your family.

FINALLY, WE DISCUSS AS A COMMUNITY.  The Parenting Now process is the way you learn to discover what's right for your family. Hearing how others have put it into practice crystalizes your own ability to apply it to your unique situations.

THEN, YOU EXPERIMENT!  At the end of each call I will guide you in creating custom experiments that you can run  during the week. I will also offer you Family Conversation Starters and ideas for sharing this information with your children, too.

Let me guide you,
so you can guide them, 
so they can grow to know and trust themselves.
​​​​​​​While together you create healthy relationships that endure.

What else is included?

Send me your questions and I’ll share my thoughts via conference call.
These happen all year long, once a month, not just when we have core-modules.

We’ll take time to get intentional about how you want your
summer break, back-to-school and holidays to feel and flow.

Birds fly faster in a flock.

And, I believe the same goes for humans when we are learning and growing.
Tap into a wise, welcoming and warm private online community.
Whether you want to share the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat or just ask a question,
a community of skilled, practiced and compassionate humans are available when needed.

You gain exclusive access to my complete online archive of conference interviews,
Including conversations with: Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D. Conscious Parenting |​​​​​​​
Dan Siegel, M.D. The Whole Brain Child  | Lenore Skenazy Free-Range Kids |
Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D. The Yes Brain | Peggy O’Mara Mothering magazine |
Larry Cohen, Ph.D. Playful Parenting | Bernadette Noll Slow Family Living … and more!



$396 per family

(or four monthly payments of $99)
That's just over $1/day to receive a year of my support and guidance  around navigating the Big Stuff of Family Life while being a part of one of the most knowledgeable and encouraging parenting communities online.

Parenting Now weaves together all of my very best stuff and I am so excited to share it with you.

Enrollment is open from February 22-February 28 and Parenting Now starts March 5th.


Plus, There's giving in the getting!  10% of your payment goes directly to

The Carrie Grant
​​​​​​The Carrie Grant is a personal gifting project I've set up to provide small amounts of financial support to young people emerging into adulthood (18-25 year olds) who want to explore themselves, their passions and the world.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you know a young person who is interested in learning more, please have them get in touch with me.


We both love you, the good things you share with the world, your work and all that you've taught us over the years.

​​​​​​​Thanks for the impact you've made on our lives, and our family. It has changed our world and it continues to brighten and change our lives every day.  Our family becomes better because of it.

- Jessica + Jake (parents of three)

​​​​​​​There's so much freedom in knowing that parents don't have to have all the answers. We just have to be willing to listen, love, learn, grow, and trust as we go on the most meaningful ride of our life! 

I truly appreciate you and the intention that you bring to family life. Thank you for helping me to stay focused on what really matters.   

- Sophia (parent of five) 

I  think the gift of your work (for me at least) is that it has armed me/us with flashlights that make the dark places less scary to venture into. My flashlight has been well used over the years. And I’m so grateful for it.

- Erin (parent of two)

You do. It will. They're not.

​​​​​​​YOU DO. It's only 75 minutes, once a week, for four months  out of the year (March, May, September and November). That's just 20 hours of your 8,760 total hours this year. It's perfect amount of time to learn a process that will serve you and your family for the rest of your lives.

IT WILL. Parenting Now is not a program, it's a process. Once you learn it, you will feel like a super hero who knows how to bring clarity, presence, peace and action to all situations. It will work because what you are learning is a process of knowing  your own wisdom and skills.  I'm not teaching you my way, I'm helping you find YOUR way by giving you the space, guidance and support to listen to and trust yourself.

THEY'RE NOT. Yes, Parenting Now is designed for parents. However, it's not a parenting program. It's a self-awareness process that allows you to explore four main topics with the intention of applying them to your unique self, your unique relationships and your unique family life situations. No matter the ages of your children, you taking this year to learn this process, so you can know yourself more deeply,  is an invaluable investment for everyone. 

Listen up!

For just $396 paid in full or spread out over four months you'll receive:

FOUR CORE MODULES - Take a deep dive and learn how to get clear and tend your fears around the big stuff of family life -- Triggers, Technology, Intimacy and Purpose.

MONTHLY Q+A CALLS - The ability to pick my brain all year long is like a parenting insurance policy -- you may not need it, but if you do you'll be so glad you have it. 

SEASONAL CLARITY CALLS - In just one short hour, you will feel more clear and intentional as you head into summer break, back to school and the holiday season.

A WISE, WARM AND WELCOMING COMMUNITY - Explore, grow and evolve with a knowledgable and supportive online group of humans all learning the process together. 

TWENTY-FIVE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE RECORDINGS Tune in to over 25 thoughtful conversations I shared with brilliant minds including Dan Siegel, MD, Shefali Tsabary, PhD, Lawrence Cohen, PhD, Tina Payne Bryson, PhD and more!​​​​​​​



> Say YES to less reacting and freaking out on the people you love the most. 
> Say YES to feeling clear in setting boundaries around screens and devices.
> Say YES to rich and satisfying relationships that endure for decades to come.
> Say YES to feeling connected to your people in all phases and stages of development. 
> Say YES to meeting the challenges life throws at you with confidence, grace and skill.
> Say YES to solving the Big Stuff of Family Life.
> Say YES to having me answer your questions on monthly Q+A calls.
> Say YES to feeling clear around summer vacations, back to school and holiday plans.
> Say YES to a community of  wise and supportive parents with which to learn and grow.
> Say YES to hearing your own big dreams and knowing the steps to make them your reality.

Say YES to...

Parenting Now

Have questions? Need a little help deciding?
No problem!
Reach out and I'll reach back. I promise.
​​​​​​​I'm here and happy to help